Lunch Menu



sopaipillas – complimentary house baked bread with citrus butter

(additional orders $1 per person)


VARIOS    snacks / starters

tortilla florales, house made nixitimal tortillas, “indian butter” 8

piquillos rellenos, stuffed spanish peppers, chorizo, golden raisins, gruyere 10

sevillanas olives, progression of stuffings     4

xnipek – yucatan style charred-habanero “dog’s snout” salsa, mini chips     4

mussels negro, chorizo, aji amarillo broth     10

shrimp and watermelon mojito salad, cucumber, mint     10

two soups in two bowls     6

poblano chile relleno salad, smoked chicken, corn, pimentón aïoli     9

jamón ibérico de bellota pata negra (world’s finest ham), housemade bread    38

salad of red cabbage, cabrales blue cheese, lardons     9

serrano ham and idiazábal cheese quesadilla     6

ensalada verde     4


INDIVIDUALES   larger plates

chicken breast salad, citrus, spinach, jicama     14

salmon filet, poblano mashed potatoes, candied lemon     16

grilled vegetable sandwich, goat cheese, chipotle aioli     12

old-fashioned red chile chicken enchilada     14

duck “enfrijolada”, poached organic egg, rioja wine & cascabel chile sauce     14

slow-roasted pork shoulder, marinated artichoke heart     12

open-face tacos de pescado    12

alaskan halibut, heirloom peruvian purple potato salad, mixed baby lettuce     16

oaxacan seared ahi tuna salad nicoise     17

prime “eye” of rib-eye, poblano mashed potatoes     25

braised kurobuta pork short ribs     16


PINTURAS   sides     5

frijoles negros    |    frijoles blancos    |    calabacitas    |    quinoa + spinach    |    zanahorias


POSTRES   desserts    

mexico city caramel sundae 6

chocolate torte, drunken pineapple 6

crema catalana, almonds, xerez creme 6

olive oil cake, creme fraiche, strawberry sorbet, xerez vinegar 8